Wes Insights – Leadership in the New Normal

The report Leadership in the New Normal clearly shows that the pandemic has placed new
demands on leadership and that female leaders are currently better equipped at coping with
them. At the same time, there is a growing awareness that organizations characterized by
diversity are better equipped at dealing with rapid change and the challenges we face. The
conclusions show that the conditions for building more inclusive and equal companies have
improved, but also add new answers to how companies and organizations can act to develop
their leadership and increase diversity. The report provides statistics and insights that can
serve as a basis for strategic decision-making and guide organizations and companies in their
efforts to attract top talent on which to build their future organizations.

Listen to Microsoft Sweden’s CEO Hélène Barnekow and author Per Schlingmann who give
their views on why female leaders have proven to be better equipped for distance
leadership than male leaders, and why companies that work most actively with diversity
have coped better during the pandemic.

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